BV 100100TB

The  BV 100100TB X-ray baggage security screening checkpoint system is a very convenient and effective solution for places where there is a need of control of heavy load and parcel. 

BV 100100DV

The X-ray baggage system BV 100100DV provides the effective inspection of large parcels, small cargo and other items.

BV 7080DV

The X-ray baggage inspection system BV 7080DV is a reliable, optimal and cost-effective security solution made for scanning of carry-ons, travel bags, handbags, suitcases or luggage bags allows identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, knives, blades, fire guns, bombs, toxic substances, flammable substances, ammunition, gems, primers and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number.

BV 6045

The X-ray baggage system BV 6045 provides the effective inspection of mail, hand-held baggage, luggage and other items.

Deet 50% Spray – Personal Insect Repellent – 100 ml spray

Deet 50% Spray contains a dual action formula which combines natural pyrethrins
with deet to provide a high level of protection against biting insects in all environments.
The natural pyrethrins act as a bite inhibitor, discouraging actual biting insects including
mosquitoes. Each application will last for up to 10 hours. Re-application may be required
in areas with high temperature and humidity.
The product contains 50% diethyltoluamide and 0.1% pyrethrins.

Permapel Ready-For-Use Uniform Insect Repellent

• Contains 0.5% permethrin
• 300ml Ready for Use trigger spray bottle
• Repellent provides protection against
mosquitoes, midges, ticks and other biting insects
• Can be used on all types of military uniforms, tents
and mosquito nets
• Suitable for use in all tropical climates

Permapel Military Uniform Insect Repellent

  • Repels mosquitoes, midges, ticks and other biting insects
  • Suitable for all types of military/service uniforms.
  • Use on tents, mosquito nets, rucksacks and camping fabrics
  • Use on any civilian clothing.
  • 3 minute application process.
  • Up to 3 month protection against biting insects (dependent on weather and usage)
  • Non-staining and odourless.
    NSN: 6840-99-300-0661

Deet 34% Personal Insect Repellent 60 ml

– Triple protection from all biting insects.
– Rapid knockdown and kill of mosquitoes, midges, sandflies, horseflies, cleggs, ticks,
wasps, hornets, moths, houseflies, cluster flies, fleas, bedbugs and ants.
– Ideal for use during deployment or training
– Versatile compact pack; fitting into battle dress/combat fatigues; turn out uniforms
pouches or pockets.
– Effective protection for up to 8 hours
NSN: 6840-01-284-3982


Kit contains: Four double sewn sachets each containing 20g of Fullers Earth. This pack has been specifically designed for self application even when wearing gloves – simply rip open the sachet, insert two fingers and apply using the BLOT-BANG-RUB method.

Nomad Now

FoxFury’s Nomad NOW is a 2,500 lumen rechargeable LED lantern area-spotlight that can be mounted on a tripod or wall, placed on a flat surface or held by hand. The light provides 12-degree spot lighting or 120-degree area lighting.

Waterproof (IPX7)

Titanium Split-apart Rescue Litter

Tapered with StratLoad™ Attachment Points

Absolutely the premium choice in basket stretchers whether you are backpacking the litter in or carrying it as standard equipment on a helicopter, the lightweight Titanium Split-Apart Litter nests for optimum storage and packing in, then assembles quickly. Its nested length is less than 45 in (114 cm), and it comes with four litter straps.

Rope Rescue Truck Cache™ Kit – Traditional

Traditional Rigging Kit

with 5 PMP Swivel Pulleys

When setting up systems, this well-organized kit provides efficient access to all the rigging hardware needed to set up a main line and belay. The case can be laid on the ground or suspended from the side of a vehicle with integrated gutter hooks, yet when closed, fits easily into a vehicle cabinet or behind the seat.

Usar Task Force Traditional Rigging Kit

A good package for a truck or engine company that responds to over-the-side rescues or needs a vertical lift capability for trench or confined space rescues, this kit contains the primary rope rescue equipment on most of the FEMA and USAR requirements lists. For a communications capabiity, add the Con-Space USAR Task Force Kit.

Harken Gas Powerseat® Ascender

The Harken Gas PowerSeat® Ascender has revolutionized working at height, providing the worker with the ability to ascend quickly, stay in position longer, and work in comfort. The PowerSeat provides quality

Harken Riggers Winch 500

The Harken Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adapter plate. The 2-speed 500 model is lightweight and weighs just 7 kg (15.4 lb).

Harken Lokhead Winch Kit


The Harken LokHead Winch is a man-riding portable capstan winch specifically designed for confined space rescue retrieval or for use with davit systems using an unlimited length of life safety rope.