SCA1203S/1203SA optimize the complex interface with Personal
Protective Equipment, and minimize interference for fire-fighter’s
SCA1203S is made of PBI(Polybenzimidazole) with Aramid textile.
SCA1203SA is made of Aramid textile.
SCA1203S/1203SA provide enhanced protection against flame
and radiation.

Moisture barrier with PTFE film layer support superior resistance to liquid
penetration and allowing sweat to be emitted outward
. Reduce heat stress through improved breathability
. Excellent water proof function
. Prevents common chemicals , blood-infected viruses, and moisture
. Enhanced durability, heat resistance and flame resistance


Contoured collar
· Ergonomically designed contoured collar and
engaged throat tab improve comfort, interface
better with SCBA and deliver continuous
thermal and moisture protection.
Ergonomic design
· Special design in shoulder and sleeve areas
allows higher level of freedom of movement.
Overhand wristlets
· Overhand knitting wristlets support extra
protection from heat radiation.
Detachable suspender
· Elastic suspender helps fire-fighters conserve
energy by moving the weight of the trousers
from the shoulder to the hips.
· Fully detachable elastic suspender support
easy maintenance.
Ankle fasteners
· Zipper tight fasteners provide limited
protection from heat, flame, and other
Detachable inner suit
· Outer Shell can be detached from lining.
· Reduce maintenance cost.