SCA1203N allows fire-fighters to conserve energy and fully
concentrate of saving life in various incident circumstances.
SCA1203N is made of 100% aromatic Polyamide textiles, and
it is specially designed with innovative use of multiple thermal
layer with excellent ventilation breathability, and flexibility
extend effective fire-fighting effects by reduce heat stress.

Moisture barrier with superior resistance to liquid penetration and allowing
sweat to be emitted outward beyond the requirements of EN469.
. Reduce heat stress through improved breathability
. Excellent water proof function
. Prevents common chemicals , blood-infected viruses, and moisture
. Enhanced durability, heat resistance and flame resistance


Contoured collar
· Contoured collar and engaged throat tab
provide limited protection from heat, flame,
and other hazards.

Overhand wristlets
· Overhand knitting wristlets support extra
protection from heat radiation.

Ergonomic design
· Special design in shoulder and sleeve areas
allows higher level of freedom of movement.

Elastic suspender
· Elastic suspender and special braces to help
fire-fighters conserve energy by moving the
weight of the trousers from the shoulder to
the hips.