Scansilc 2430

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Portable X-ray Panels designed specifically for the Security and Defence Industry – not a medical panel in a protective cover!

Scansilc EOD  flat panel portable x-ray systems with ruggedised tablets are designed for users who ensure security  in the fields of police, customs, aviation, transport, crowded spaces and critical infrastructure who need best in class imaging and performance in a hassle free, lightweight configuration.

Key features

  • Best in class resolution – Get unrivalled 76 micron resolution, 6.5 line pair x-ray images to improve operator confidence and decision making.
  • Toughest design-   IP67,   impact and drop tested x-ray panel with a strong Unibody structure and grab and go handle. Gives you total reliability in all conditions without the hassle and need for additional protective panel covers
  • Panel Integrated system control – Control your x-ray pulses and x-ray firing from the tablet – both wired and wirelessly – without any connecting interface box.
  • Fewer components to carry and set up – Just your x-ray panel, x-ray generator, tablet and back up cables.  Be ready in 90 seconds. No bulky interface box, interface cables, nor protective covers required.
  • Less hassle – Fewer components; fewer connections;  less time to set up; less to go wrong.

Imaging Area

9.5 x 12” (24 x 30 cm)


  • Suspect package/baggage investigation
  • IED Search and Investigation
  • Contraband Detection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Weapons Intelligence
  • Electronic Countermeasures / TSCM
  • Aerospace/Automotive Inspection

Image processing features

Scansilc 2430 uses our powerful ScanView software to give you a range of image manipulation options to get all the detail out of your x-ray image. Features include Zoom, inverse Image, b/w, pseudo colour, pseudo 3D, histo-contrast enhancement, sub image, sharpen, rotation,  measuring and stitching. ScanView is also available with multi-lingual imaging software and operating guides.

A range of annotation tools allow you to insert text, notes and highlight suspect areas within your x-ray image for use in your reports.

Database features

ScanView’s database software allows you to store over 32,000 images using searchable fields on harddisc, cd or usb stick. Option to export both raw and stored images by email or across a network.

Equipment Service and Support

Our comprehensive equipment support packages provide you with a range of service options to support your equipment in the field and maximise its reliability and performance.