Scansilc 2520

Scansilc is a range of high performance flat panel portable X-ray systems offering high definition image quality for multiple defence and security field applications including IED search and investigation, unattended baggage checks, vehicle inspection cell searches and for detecting weapons and contraband material. Scansilc systems also have applications within the fields of forensics and counter surveillance (TSCM).

Key features

  • For specialist search, investigation, examination and exploitation
  • Portable and easy to set up and use in 2 minutes
  • High Dynamic range
  • Superior Resolution Images
  • Image analysis includes zoom, reverse black and white, pseudo-colour, pseudo 3D and measure, show gradients, rotation, distance, contrast enhancement and more
  • Works with most portable x-ray sources including golden XR150, golden XR200, golden XRS-3 and also recommended continuous x-ray sources
  • Image print and email. archive in excess of 32,000 images on PC or CD/DVD
  • Text, Voice and Image Annotation tools
  • Full database management tools
  • Wired and Wi-Fi operation

Imaging Area

8 x 10” (20 x 25 cm)


  •  IED Search and Investigation
  • Contraband Detection
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Aerospace/Automotive Inspection
  • Castings
  • Electronic Components
  • Museum Conservation / Art studies

Image processing features

Scansilc 2520 uses our powerful ScanView software to give you a range of image manipulation options to get all the detail out of your x-ray image. Features include Zoom, inverse Image, b/w, pseudo colour, pseudo 3D, contrast enhancement, clean image, rotation, distance, measure and show gradients. ScanView is also available with multi-lingual imaging software and operating guides.

A range of annotation tools allow you to insert text, notes and highlight suspect areas.

Database features

ScanView’s database software allows you to store over 32,000 images using searchable fields on harddisc or cd. Option to export both raw and stored images by email or across a network.

Equipment Service and Support

Our comprehensive equipment support packages provide you with a range of service options to support your equipment in the field and ensure its reliability and performance.

Scansilc 2520 X-ray Imager Specifications

Image Area Format:    25 x 20 cm
Active Imaging Area:   179mm x 238mm
Imager Size:                 400 x 235 x 25.7mm
Imager Weight:            3.3 kgs
Dynamic Range:          14 bits
Resolution:                   3.94 lp/mm
Pixel Pitch:                    127 microns
Receptor:                      Amorphous Silicon
Housing:                       Aluminium with carbon fibre/aluminium sensor protection

Interface Control Box
Dimensions:                 25.5(l) x 9(w) 190(h) mm
Weight:                        3.8 kgs

  • Wireless X-ray acquisition
  • Wireless image transmission
  • Dual Energy Module – material discrimination/organic material detection
  • RoV integration
  • Backpack
  • Foreign language options (OS, Imaging Software, Manuals)