The world’s first EMC Class A Helmet for EOD/IEDD operations, offering superior visibility and protection.


The EOD 9A Helmet is the world’s first EMC Class A Helmet for EOD/IEDD operations. It enables bomb disposal technicians to work with IEDD equipment in an increasingly harsh ECM RF environment. The EOD 9A Helmet is a major component in dealing successfully with the RCIED threat.

The advanced design of Med-Eng EOD 9A Helmet allows it to suppress unwanted signals and stringently control emissions while maintaining the superior blast protection of the Med-Eng EOD 9 Helmet. It also offers the same operational capabilities of the EOD 9 Helmet, such as the interchangeable EOD Visor and optional BA Visor for situations where a CBRN threat is suspected.

The Med-Eng EOD 9A Helmet is designed to integrate with the Med-Eng EOD 9 Bomb Suit for complete protection EOD/IEDD blast protection.

If you require information and technical support regarding the EOD 9/9A Helmet Retrofit Kit, or would like to order one free of charge,

  • Filters and shields its systems to prevent unwanted incoming signals from reaching its electronics
  • Compiles with U.S. Deparment of Defense standard MIL-STD-461E using a variety of frequency ranges
  • Allows the Technician to focus on response procedures with the confidence of equipment interoperability and optimal physical protection
  • Helmet’s Searchlights illuminates low light conditions
  • Suppress unwanted signals and stringently control emissions as well as protection from conventional blast threats
  • CE 0120 – The Canadian-manufactured Med-Eng EOD 9 Suit, EOD 9 and 9A helmets have been assessed and found, when used as a complete ensemble, to be in accordance with the requirements of the European Council (EC) Directive 89/686/EEC for personal protective equipment. When examined, the PPE satisfied the relevant requirements and deemed to meet the basic health and safety requirements (Annex II) of the Directive for complex design intended to protect against mortal danger. Applicable product is marked CE 0120.