Hal Heavy Duty

For towing vehicles and/or moving large devices or items, even in confined spaces where remote manipulation is especially important.

HAL HD Heavy Duty Hook and Line Kit is engineered specifically for use in all EOD/IEDD, search situations and CMD tasks dealing with UXOs, as well as certain confined space operations.

It is recommended for semi-remote rigging tasks involving heavy loads, large explosive devices and vehicle towing. The Heavy Duty Hook and Line Kit integrates with Med-Eng’s Single Line Tripod, Lightweight Tripod, HAL General Service (GS) Kit and GS Lite Hook and Line Kits to form a complete system.

The HAL Heavy Duty Kit was developed in close co-operation with British Army EOD units and provides a field-proven and essential semi-remote rigging capability.

  • Designed for heavy loads and vehicle clearance
  • Includes slings, hooks, shackles, snatch blocks/pulleys and ground anchors
  • Includes a 150m (492′) low-stretch line and reel
  • Components can attach to a suspect vehicle, container or large UXO quickly and securely with minimal disturbance
  • Snatch blocks allow the operator to change the direction of the line to gain protection or to operate in confined areas
  • Ground anchors enable the snatch blocks/pulleys to be used where there are no natural anchorage points