Edecon 10

CBRN Decontamination Electronic Equipment and Sensitive Material. Decontamination Agent RD50 provides a effective decontamination protecting funcionality of electronic equipment and sensitive material

Chemical agents (TICs or CWAs) attacks or incidents which affect to Sensitive Materials create a double challenge to Decontamination operations: decontamination of the equipment and preservation sensitive material integrity. Sensitive Material Decontamination (SMD) portable provides an efficient and flexible solution to this challenge, assuring highest decontamination standard performance and protecting sensitive materials during decontamination process.
SMD Portable is based on RD50 Decontamination Agent, its hand spray has been developed to assure easily access to every surface. RD50 Decontamination agent captures TICs and CWAs agents from the surface, generating a contaminated mixture (chemical agents and decontamination agent). SMD Portable is equipped with a complete range of tools to vacuum the decontamination mixture from sensitive material surface and storage it to its further management