HAL Tactical

Modular Equipment Packs (MEPs) that are modular, lightweight, compact, adaptable and reliable.

The HAL Tactical Modular Equipment Packs are modular, lightweight, compact, adaptable, and reliable. The components offered will set the standard for tools used in Tactical, SWAT, Dismounted IEDD, Route Clearance or other tasks and equally challenging operations.

The components are packaged in unique Modular Equipment Packs, so end users can customize the kits needed for their specific needs and applications.

The HAL Tactical’s compact design provides excellent mobility and is easily secured to protective equipment or hand carried.

The HAL Tactical is based on ‘modules’. The standard Core Kit comprises of a leg pouch and three modules: Line, Basic Clamp & Manipulation, and Anchor.

Optional Specialty modules include:

  • Advanced Clamp
  • Visibility
  • Basic Reach
  • Guidance
  • Multi-Tool
  • Demining
  • Grappling Hook
  • Bipod & Extended Reach