Gatescan-P is used throughout UK police forces in the fight against knife crime, Gatescan P is ideal for sporting events, nightclubs, conferences, schools, VIP security or for any event or location requiring high discrimination metal detection combined with ease of use and total portability.

Technical Specifications


Power Supply: 100V +/- 15% and 220V +/- 15% 50/60 hz

Battery Life: 40 hours

Size and Weight

Portable Dimensions: H: 93cm x W: 58 cm x D: 66 cm.

Assembled: H (internal) 208 cm x W (internal) 76 cm x D 86.5 cm

H (external) 223.5 cm x W (external) 117 cm x D 86.5 cm

Weight: 40 kgs (90 lbs)