Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus


· SCA680WH carries with wide range of configurable option to provide safety and extra comfort to meet demand of first responder in extremely rugged for harsh fire-fighting environments. · Through HUD(Head up display) system increase operation capability, and support user to fully focus on their mission. · It provides wide range of air cylinder due to its condition of application.

FBO system · Allowing activation of SCBA without free flow. · Second stage regulator activates pneumatic system by first breath. · Air switch for breathing ambient air. Moving harness · Wide lumber pad shifting weight from the shoulders to the hips in 8 ways during movement. · It provides maximum freedom of movement. Locator lights · Flashing light to show user’s location. · At low air in cylinder, flashing red light so that coworkers can give the user warning. Universal air connection · Expend operation capability through quick charging air for emergency purposes. · Charging air within a minute. HUD system · Always within the field of view. · HUD unit allows easy monitoring of the specific pressure of the cylinder and battery information in the face-piece. Emergency button · Manually operate siren in emergency condition to be notified. · Automatically switch on by opening cylinder air valve.