The monitoring control unit (MCU) is one component within the default configuration setup of the HazKey® system. The MCU can be detached from the HazKey® system and used separately on a variety of platforms for multiple solutions, including CBRNe sensor monitoring and data management. The MCU has been designed, built and tested to DEFSTAN 00-35, DEFSTAN 59-411 and MILSTD-810G.

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Instrument Monitoring
• The MCU in standard format is delivered to support up to six user defined sensors and instruments. Four Serial connections and two Ethernet via Mil Std 38999 connectors. The unit is also supplied with two
Rugged Beam Fibre Optic Bulkhead connectors as a cabled communication fail safe. Power Requirements
• The MCU will operate from either 12/24 vDC or 110/240 AC external power supply. The unit can be supplied with a 12v Power Pack when operating off grid or alternatively to an AC source when
available. All MCU outputs can supply DC power to the sensors or instruments if necessary using the supplied power and data cables.

• Each MCU can be configured to support differing sensors depending on the operational use case. A Command Post MCU for instance may differ from an MCU operating as a Measuring Unit (MU) on its
own or as part of Multiple MCU’s within a deployed sensor array. In either case, each MCU can be easily re-configured with the supplied sensor software application.

Operational Use
• The MCU’s can be integrated across a wide range of platforms including Naval Vessels, Military and Civil CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles where reliability and flexibility are key.

• The MCU can be mounted directly onto a platform hull or into a 19in rack system. If required, Vehicle Installation Kits (VIK) can be supplied in two designs. The “Flat Top” VIK is a simple, bolt on system, where
the MCU is bolted directly onto the VIK. The “Under Slung” VIK (show in the diagram to the right) allows the MCU to be locked into position and not bolted. This allows for ease of maintenance.

Component Assisted Module
• The Component Assisted Module (CAM) is an external device that allows additional connection of Sensors.

MCU Power Consumption
• As already indicated the MCU can operate on multiple power platforms. The diagram below indicates the power required when the MCU is using the default internal and external hardware.
The introduction of Communications equipment and the ability to power sensors through the MCU instead of using their own separate power supply’s will have an effect on how long the system will run
when using the MCU PowerPack.