EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder

Capture HD Video with a purpose-built camcorder kit that is easily added to the standard EOD 10 Faceshield


The EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder allows bomb disposal technicians and EOD operators to capture High Definition (HD) video during live operations and training exercises. This can be used as evidence, assist forensic analysis and to review training exercises.

The EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder integrates into the standard EOD Face Shield and Med-Eng has applied Human Factors Engineering to optimize the vertical viewing angle. This means it consistently and reliably focuses on the task at hand. This makes the video it captures far more useful than if it was focused directly forward or straight down, which can often be the case when a camera is affixed using Velcro™ or tape. It also has a wide field of view to include lateral vision.

The EOD 10 Camcorder easily mounts on the standard EOD 10 Face Shield in under 2 minutes.

The EOD 10 Camcorder captures High Definition (HD) video at 720p and produces MP4 (MPEG4) video files for ease of viewing. It includes a USB connector and microSD adapter for easy data transfer to any PC or Mac computer. The EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder will record up to 2 hours of video in a constant loop of clear five minute segments.

  • Optimized vertical viewing angle based on extensive Human Factors Engineering
  • Integrated into Face Shield for consistency that is very difficult to achieve by attaching a camera using Velcro™ or tape
  • Wide angled 135-degree lens for lateral view of the operator’s surrounding environment
  • Low profile to reduce risk of snagging
  • 720p HD video for high-quality image capture
  • One-button operation with coloured LEDs to indicate recording, low battery level and charging status
  • Capable of recording audio
  • Weather-resistant design for use in harsh climates
  • Time/Date stamp for evidence collection and recordkeeping
  • Internal battery (90 minute record time)
  • Equipped with an 8 GB Class 4 microSD Card to record up to two hours of video
  • Easily removed from visor as required for connection to PC or for cleaning
  • Does not require extensive training