A completely integrated solution to Hazard Management


HazKey® is a scalable combination of Hardware and Software; specifically designed to meet the demands of both Mobile and Fixed CBRNE Area Detection and Monitoring.

Product Highlights

Durable and Flexible
• HazKey® can be operated from a wide range of mobile platforms, as it has been specifically designed to be easily configurable to meet the demands of individual missions. The system does not need to be
permanently fixed; therefore it provides commanders and operators with a greater flexibility to manage incidents.
• It can operate from its own external 12vDC Power Pack; via a vehicle12/24vDC fixed supply, or directly to external 110/240vAC when available or when used as a fixed system.

Complete Solution
• The system is an out of the box solution which comprises of user defined Sensors and Instruments, Sensor Data Management Software in the form of SCIM®, Monitoring Control Units, Mil Std Cables
and Connections with connectivity achieved via Rugged Fibre Optic Connectors and Assemblies.
Alternative Communications are available where the operational environment does not preclude the use of RF. When used with the mutually supportive CBRNe-Frontline Software, the Commander
has a significantly increased level of Situational Awareness.

Operationally Fielded
• The system can be referenced by one of our European Military users who operate the system as part of a pre-emptive response to a sensitive site CBRNE Monitoring Mission.
• Utilizing a number of CBRN Sensors and instruments across the range of manufacturers, the sensor suite data is managed by SCIM® software which presents a straightforward aggregated view
to the operator.