Aquiles Decontamination Equipment

Decontamination equipment for people. Generates a low pressure solution for personnel decontamination

Its innovative modular design provides First Responders and Hazmat Response Teams with a versatile decontamination equipment which can be adapted to the management of any Hazmat incident scenario. AQUILES can be used as an autonomous system, integrated in CBRN rapid deployment decontamination system and in massive decontamination stations.

Decontamination of People AQUILES provides a low-pressure output (4 bars) to carry out People decontamination in a large variety of Hazmat incidents: large casualties incidents, urban areas, critical infrastructures, open field, etc due to AQUILES design to be adaptable to multiple decontamination accessories. Its modular design allows to carry out both decontamination phases: decontamination and rinsing at the same time. Decontamination Equipment AQUILES provides a versatile Decontamination Solution to First Responders and Hazmat Response Teams, as AQUILES could be used as autonomous system (in combination with Decontamination Showers), as part of CBRN Rapid Deployment Systems or integrated into Massive Decontamination Stations.