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Alford Strip

The Alford Strip™ is a high-efficiency tamped strip charge used to split wooden doors and windows, cut laminated glass and breach uPVC doors. It enables users to use, typically ¼ to ⅓ of the NEQ needed to breach using untamped charges.

Bangalore Blade™

Bangalore Blade™ is a modern replacement for the Bangalore Torpedo, the latter of which has been in use for almost a hundred years.  The Bangalore Blade™ is configured as a linear explosively formed projectile (EFP) array which is capable of cutting wire obstacles including those made in razor wire which conventional Bangalore Torpedos are incapable of breaching effectively.


THE BootBanger™ is a water disruptor for use against Vehicle-Borne IEDs (VBIED).

The BootBanger™ Mk4 is one of the most trusted and successfully used water-tamped explosive charges by IEDD Operators. BootBanger™ has been widely fielded around the world and it played an important role in countering the Vehicle-Borne IED threat in Iraq.


The Bottler™ is a family of water-jacketed Omni-directional disruptors that are economical and simple to deploy.

They may be used as omni- directional disruptors for thin-walled targets when placed next to suspect objects or in the cabin of vehicles and VBIEDs for disrupting suspect devices on the seat or in the foot-well.

Breacher’s Boot™

The Breacher’s Boot™ is a water tamped charge used to kick in steel, uPVC and wooden doors. It is a highly versatile charge that allows the operator to use it against a wide range of targets by simply adjusting the explosive load and number of charges used.

Breachers Tape™

Breachers Tape™ is one of the best known and respected brands of adhesive specifically created for breachers. It is a high-performance adhesive designed to stick charges to wood, metal, glass and certain wall targets. It has successfully been tested during adverse weather conditions.

Breaching Kit

The Breaching Kit has been specially developed for Breaching teams, and provides them with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges.  These charges are used in Explosive Method of Entry (EMoE) and explosive breaching tasks.


The DemiMod™ is a lightweight, explosively driven, water disruptor for use against small to medium sized IEDs.


DIOPLEX™ is a family of aluminium-bodied explosive linear cutting charges which are user filled and supplied in kit form. The charge cases are assembled in sizes corresponding to particular applications, and then filled with plastic explosive. A single 40mm DIOPLEX™ charge severs steel plate about 40mm (1.6”) thick.

Gatecrasher Modular™

Gatecrasher Modular™ is a water tamped charge used to breach thick concrete or brick walls. It has been designed as a charge that offers much of the same performance as the Gatecrasher™ but in a smaller form, making it ideal for situations where carrying a fully loaded Gatecrasher™ or frame charge is not possible.