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Jemmer Mercury

A permanent inhibition system for convoy and VIP protection against RF controlled explosive devices Jams mobile phones, satellite phones, VHF & UHF PMRs, 3G and Wi-Fi Pre-set with commercial C-RCIED electronic counter-measures (ECM) profiles Fully programmable to counter specific threats

Kinesis RF Initiator & Blasting Machine

The Kinesis RF Initiator is a modular and highly flexible remote initiator. The modular nature of the initiator allows for future upgrades and per-mission optimization for the demanding user.

Rebus Electronic Counter Measure

A Kirintec REBUS system consists of a battery powered RF inhibitor which contains a microprocessor controlled signal generator, this is then connected via a RF cable to one of the different
enclosures: pop-up tent, inflatable tent, blast blanket or bin that cover the device, depending on the scenario requirement.