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Fido X2

Security officers can accurately screen for threats in sporting arenas, mass transit facilities, hotels, and other critical venues


Can operate integrated in an UAV or robotic system, or as part of a network configuration for critical infrastructure protection.


Autonomous 24/7 operation with no consumables. Detection algorithms for indoor and outdoor use.

Griffin G410

Accepts revolutionary sample introduction tools like the PSI-Probe and traditional techniques like syringe, SPME fiber, headspace, and autosampler injections.

Griffin G460

Unmatched vapor, liquid, and solid sampling capability. Includes integrated standard injector and universal sampling port with direct air sampling capability.

Griffin G465

Unmatched sampling options for vapor, liquid, and solid samples. Integrated heated sampling line enables real-time survey missions.

Griffin G510

Integrated syringe injector and heated sample probe for analyzing all phases of matter. Limited maintenance and no service module required.