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Bangalore Blade™

Bangalore Blade™ is a modern replacement for the Bangalore Torpedo, the latter of which has been in use for almost a hundred years.  The Bangalore Blade™ is configured as a linear explosively formed projectile (EFP) array which is capable of cutting wire obstacles including those made in razor wire which conventional Bangalore Torpedos are incapable of breaching effectively.


DIOPLEX™ is a family of aluminium-bodied explosive linear cutting charges which are user filled and supplied in kit form. The charge cases are assembled in sizes corresponding to particular applications, and then filled with plastic explosive. A single 40mm DIOPLEX™ charge severs steel plate about 40mm (1.6”) thick.


The Krakatoa™ is a highly versatile and modular user-filled charge container for EOD and demolition both in air and under-water.

The Krakatoa™ replaces the Bigjet (MEPS) which has been in service for more than a decade. The new model has significant design improvements aimed at enhancing both performance and usability, both in terms of modularity and user friendliness.

Universal Demolition Block™

The Universal Demolition Block™ (UDB™) is a deceptively simple charge designed to be used as a small, standard explosive charge for demolition and as a booster charge for charges such as the half barmine which is commonly used for breaching adobe walls.