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Rapiscan 618XR HP

The new Rapiscan 618XR HP is a high performance compact and versatile 540 mm by 360 mm tunnel X-ray system with exceptional image quality and excellent threat detection alert capabilities.

Rapiscan 620XR HP

The new Rapiscan 620XR HP is a high performance 620 mm by 420 mm tunnel x-ray screening system with best in class image quality and excellent threat detection alert capabilities to enhance security screening in your mailroom, goods in or visitor entrances.

Rapiscan 620XR VE

The Rapiscan 620XR VE implements Rapiscan’s proprietary X-ray imaging technique allowing the system to extract information about the object’s atomic composition and material discrimination, resulting in superior image quality.

Scanmail 10K

Screening inbound mail against postal IEDs and other personal harm devices such as razor blades that can be easily delivered through the postal system is standard practice in organisations committed to protecting their people and their property. Some organisations may also find that mailroom security measures are becoming part of their standard insurance requirements.


Scanmax 15

Scanmax 15 is our space-saving colour mailroom cabinet x-ray scanner for checking bundles of letters, documents and small packages.

Its compact size allows you to site it on a standard desk-top or under a desk or mailroom bench making it ideal for locations where space is limited.

Scanmax 225

Scanmax 225 is a premium large capacity colour mail and parcel x-ray scanner with advanced image analysis features and network capability  wrapped in one slim, affordable package.

Scanmax 25

Scanmax 25 classic is our most popular cabinet x-ray machine for general purpose mail and parcel security x-ray screening.

Scanmax 25 has a large capacity x-ray mailscreening chamber of 56 x 42 cm making it the perfect postal x-ray scanner for checking bundles of letters, courier deliveries, york trays, parcels and handbags.