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Hal Access Kit

A set of unique and modular components and specialty clamps used either individually or in unison.

HAL Backpack

A lightweight, portable, & tactical EOD/IEDD Hook and Line semi-remote rigging kit with the capabilities of a core Hook and Line kit.

Hal Heavy Duty

For towing vehicles and/or moving large devices or items, even in confined spaces where remote manipulation is especially important.

HAL Tactical

Modular Equipment Packs (MEPs) that are modular, lightweight, compact, adaptable and reliable.

Hal Tp1l 1 Line Tripod

This innovative device requires only a single line to first lift the target object, then trigger a hinged drop-arm that positions the target object outside the tripod’s footprint.


A lightweight and portable Hook and Line tripod that is easily hand carried and deployed by a bomb technician wearing a full bomb disposal suit.

Hal Vehicle Access Kit

Unique components designed to integrate with the HAL Hook & Line General Service Kit for safer and more effective vehicle clearance tasks.