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Training and using sensors or instruments can increase the cost of consumables such as batteries and filters. Simulation can keep these costs to a minimum while giving operators valuable training in the necessary procedures. CBRN Sim is a software product that delivers the full realism of sensor data, including errors and malfunctions, and gives instructors essential feedback on practical performance.


The monitoring control unit (MCU) is one component within the default configuration setup of the HazKey® system. The MCU can be detached from the HazKey® system and used separately on a variety of platforms for multiple solutions, including CBRNe sensor monitoring and data management. The MCU has been designed, built and tested to DEFSTAN 00-35, DEFSTAN 59-411 and MILSTD-810G.

Sensor Connectivity Management Software

The Sensor Connectivity Management Software® (SCIM) application is a single aggravated display of all sensors and instruments that are connected to a MCU or junction box on any given platform. In essence it is the ‘glue’ that binds all data together from multiple devices into a single, easy-to-display window. This creates a less complicated human machine interface (HMI) for the operator to control.