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The introduction of the EOD® 10 sets a new gold standard for blast protection, ergonomic design and technical capabilities. This Med-Eng multi-year development program focused on a user-centric design to provide the best possible overall experience and the results are outstanding.


In the modern world where human life is most important value, more and more Law Enforcement Agencies dealing in public security prefer to use less lethal weapons


Sanitiser & Disinfectant
Highly efficient broad spectrum quaternary liquid cationic germicide. Developed for the post-clean disinfecting of food production
plants, including machines, floors, walls, all food premises and any other areas that require disinfecting.


Detergent Sanitiser
Concentrated non-fragranced specialist food industry cleaning detergent sanitiser. Suitable for the cleaning and sanitising
of all food processing areas and machines. Ideal when used diluted as an anti-bacterial spray ‘n’ wipe type cleaner. Suitable
as a high-strength manual commercial and industrial kitchen sink detergent. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.

Military Gas Mask K10

K10 is a variant of K5(Next generation standard issue gas mask for Korea) and so it is not only sharing core technologies but customized to outperform the requirements of NATO Triptych
and to be suited for future battlefield environment.

Military Gas Mask K3

K3 is intended for the military and law enforcement and is designed to protect the face, eyes, respiratory organs from CBRN agents and as well as tear gases.