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The Pluton™ is a shaped charge system in the Vulcan family of charges and is the next size up from the Vulcan.

As part of the Vulcan™ family, it shares many common design features with the other sizes reducing the training burden of introducing a completely new system.


The Vulcan™ is a highly versatile, user-filled, modular shaped charge system which is in wide service around the world.

Used as a tool for producing order reaction, it has probably been employed against a wider range of munitions than any other system and has a success rate that is unrivalled with an almost 100% success rate.

It is the only tool that can reliably low-order a BLU-109 deep penetration bomb and has been used against everything from grenades to rockets and even cruise missiles.

The Vulcan™ also forms the backbone of the new Counter Limpet Mine System™ that is in service with the Royal Navy.