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Edem Personnel (Container)

Massive Decon Station for People Decontamination (based on Container). Modular set up to configurate 2, 3, 4 or 6 Decontamination Lines for casualties (valid people and disabled/wounded people)

Edem Personnel (TENT)

Mass Decontamination Station for People Decontamination. Modular set up to configurate 2, 3 or 4 Decontamination Lines for Valid people and Disabled/Wounded people
Decontamination is apply on Decontamination Showers, which are modular and adaptable. Each Decon Shower is divided in 2 Decontamination Lines, in which could be applied both phases of Decontamination and Rinsing, as it is determinated by CBRN Decontamination protocols

Edem Vehicles

Massive Decon Station for Vehicles of High Capacity. Its innovative design and versatility provides an outstanding decon performance: up to 90 vehicles decontaminated per hour. Assuring higher effectiveness and efficiency in chemical, biological and radiological decontamination of all type of vehicles: light, medium or heavy