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The Avenger is an entirely new bomb disposal and tactical robot that has been engineered to provide police and military response teams with enhanced capabilities to manage ongoing and emerging threats posed by terrorists, particularly in cities where Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDS, or ‘car bombs’) and CBRNe threats are of concern.

BCS4 Body Cooling System

The Med-Eng BCS 4 is the preferred personal body cooling system of Bomb Disposal Technicians and EOD Operators worldwide.

This autonomous, leg-mounted portable chiller system integrates seamlessly with the Med-Eng EOD 9 bomb suit and the EOD 8 bomb disposal suits and the Med-Eng SRS 5 Protective Suit and Helmet ensemble.

Ceotronics Communications

The CT-DECT radio is widely recognized for its superior performance, with crystal clear full duplex sound quality and remarkably low power consumption

Demining Apron

The Med-Eng Demining Apron offers lightweight frontal protection against blast-type anti-personnel (AP) mines.

Demining Hand Protectors

Providing a high level of blast protection to the top and sides of the hand during demining activities while allowing the deminer to easily use common mine clearance tools and detectors.

Demining Visors

Four Med-Eng TAC Visors provide full facial protection against fragmentation to military demining personnel.