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The world’s first EMC Class A Helmet for EOD/IEDD operations, offering superior visibility and protection.

EOD Helmet Camcorder

The EOD Helmet Camcorder has been integrated into the visor of Med-Eng EOD 9 / 9A Helmet to provide consistent and reliable High Definition (HD) video for use as evidence, conducting forensic investigations and reviewing training exercises and live operations.

EOD Helmet Live Video

EOD Helmet  Live Video gives Commanders and members of the support team the ability to see and hear what’s happening downrange in real time.  This significantly improves their situational awareness, ability to support the technician and allows the communications to focus on Render Safe Procedures instead of describing the scene. The system also records video and audio on-board the camera and on a laptop at the Command Post for analysis after the incident, as well as criminal prosecution and training.

EOD Tool Cart

The EOD/ECM Tool Cart meets the growing demand for interoperability between the Bomb Technician, personal protective equipment, IEDD tools and ECM.

Epic Electronics Cooling

The Electronic Protection with Integrated Cooling (EPIC) protects electronic systems from the severe heat and harsh operating environments found in military environments, including vehicle electronics.

Hal Access Kit

A set of unique and modular components and specialty clamps used either individually or in unison.

HAL Backpack

A lightweight, portable, & tactical EOD/IEDD Hook and Line semi-remote rigging kit with the capabilities of a core Hook and Line kit.