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Scantrak is a multiple application portable digital x-ray unit used by police, military, EOD, customs, law enforcement agencies, prisons and building security managers for security checking unattended bags and suspicious packages.


Developed specifically for tough military, police and law enforcement environments, Scanwedge is a lightweight portable X-ray system for search operations and suspicious package assessment. Scanwedge has a unique flat panel design that allows it to be used in confined spaces and from different orientations to produce high quality CCD X-ray images.

Scanx Scout

ScanX Scout is a high performance portable digital X-ray system combining high sensitivity flexible film plates, a rugged battery powered image plate reader and a laptop for detailed forensic level X-ray inspection across the full spectrum of defence and security applications.

XR150 Portable X-ray Generator

The XR150 weighs just over 2 kgs yet is capable of penetrating over 15mm steel, making it an ideal too for use in remote locations or for lightscale security and defence operations.

XR200 X-ray Generator

The XR200 weighs less than 5 kgs, but is capable of penetrating a minimum of 15mm steel with a basic x-ray image plates and more than 30mm with high sensitivity x-ray plates. It has no warm up time and is easy to transport making it an ideal tool for C-IED, search and EOD tasks.

XRS-3 X-ray Generator

XRS-3 is a battery powered pulsed x-ray generator used for security, defence and EOD.

The XRS-3 weights just over 5 kgs, yet is capable of penetrating a minimum of 26mm steel with a basic x-ray image plate and more than 75mm steel with high sensitivity image plates, making it an ideal tool for C-IED, vehicle search and EOD tasks.