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Blast Bin

Manufactured by us in the UK, our simple to deploy blast bin bridges the gap between a first response and the bomb disposal team’s arrival. The RF shielded bin offers blast protection containing up to 500g/18oz PE. It is ideal for use in public places where hand luggage is searched.

Blast Blanket

Of interest to those seeking to protect crowds in public places, the blast blanket does not need programming and is easy to use. The REBUS RF shielded Blast Blanket also has blast protection to level V50: Fragmentation velocity 500m/sec (1,640ft/sec).

Drone Defeat

Trust Kirintec with the best drone denial solution (C-UAS/C-UAV) Sky Net (Skynet) is unique and will deny one drone or a swarm – it doesn’t matter!

Firing Cable

Lightweight firing cable : half the weight of traditional detonator cable Short lengths and pocket sized reels for special operations Combined rigging line and firing cable for a single approach Traditional “Black & Tan” firing cable

Inflatable Tent

We learnt from the Boston Bombings in America. Our inflatable REBUS fits neatly within a discreet backpack and is really quick and easy to deploy. This is a very popular product with First Responders across the world and therefore an ECM tool we are particular proud of.

Jemmer Mercury

A permanent inhibition system for convoy and VIP protection against RF controlled explosive devices Jams mobile phones, satellite phones, VHF & UHF PMRs, 3G and Wi-Fi Pre-set with commercial C-RCIED electronic counter-measures (ECM) profiles Fully programmable to counter specific threats

Kinesis RF Initiator & Blasting Machine

The Kinesis RF Initiator is a modular and highly flexible remote initiator. The modular nature of the initiator allows for future upgrades and per-mission optimization for the demanding user.