Blast Tracker

Immediate access to reliable blast profiling data to improve operator safety.


Blast Tracker is a rechargeable sensor that records personalized blast exposure data for the safety of Breachers, Tactical Officers, Special Forces and EOD Technicians. It immediately displays exposure to single and cumulative blast and shockwave events to assist in making immediate on-scene decisions, improve training, and track long term personal exposure for medical analysis.

The data it provides instantly allows team leaders to modify training procedures or make tactical decisions without delay. For example, in a training scenario, it can be mounted to personnel or posts to demonstrate safer or more dangerous placements.

The Blast Tracker is ideal for personnel exposed to repeated blast events, including:

  • Explosive Forced Entry, Special Forces and SWAT teams
  • Instructors and personnel receiving training on explosives
  • Bomb Technicians and EOD Operators

Forensic Tool for Blast Events
Blast Tracker is a valuable forensic tool, or “black box” for an unexpected and repeated blast events. It mounts discretely on users to record the levels of Overpressure, Impulse and Acceleration imparted upon each individual
It instantly displays the data in real time, which can be vital to protecting short and long term health and safety, as well as larger field studies.

Occupational Health & Safety
In the event of a blast injury, the single event data it displays can identify personnel who have exceeded acceptable exposure thresholds. The cumulative data it compiles from repeated blasts (whether from training or live operations) can be critical for the study of potential correlation with medical symptoms. All data can be stored onboard or downloaded to permit detailed analysis of blast and acceleration levels over time.

Rechargeable, Reusable, Accessible
The Blast Tracker is a rugged device that uses a lithium-polymer battery that can be wirelessly recharged and deployed for months at a time to record data from training programs and real life operations. The data collected can be instantly displayed on the device’s screen or easily downloaded.

  • Bluetooth interface for wireless charging and data download.
  • High bandwidth pressure sensor to capture complete blast overpressure waveforms
  • Tri-axial accelerometers record peak acceleration and capture full acceleration waveforms
  • Lightweight, with a low profile that mounts to the body, helmet exterior or nearby physical structures
  • Instantly displays the peak values of pressure and acceleration after each event
  • Can track historical and cumulative exposure of individuals for long term health analysis and medical symptom correlations
  • Tactile keypad to scroll through events and configure the device
  • Requires only minutes of self-training
  • Non-volatile solid-state memory to store multiple events
  • Includes host software to download, store and analyze cumulative exposure data
  • Lithium-polymer battery with wireless battery recharger