Pop-up Tent

A REBUS Jammer is connected to an RF screened pop-up tent to cover luggage / suspect packages up to 77 x 60 x 28cm without contact.
Ideal for use in crowded places such as airports and railway stations.


A Kirintec REBUS system consists of
a battery powered RF inhibitor which
contains a microprocessor controlled
signal generator, this is then connected
via a RF cable to one of the different
enclosures: pop-up tent, inflatable
tent, blast blanket or bin that cover
the device, depending on the scenario
All enclosure varients contain a lining of
copper coated polymer, which provides
a ‘faraday cage’ effect when placed over
the device. This provides some level of
screening of the device receiver.
Screening alone is not enough to block
hostile signals, so each enclosure also
contains a specialist antenna which
allows the RF inhibitor to transmit a
low power jamming signal inside the
The combination of screening and low
power jamming is highly effective against
high power threats at unrealistically
close trigger distances and has been
tested by many Governments around
the world with impressive results.