Firing Cable

Lightweight firing cable : half the weight of traditional detonator cable Short lengths and pocket sized reels for special operations Combined rigging line and firing cable for a single approach Traditional “Black & Tan” firing cable

Designed to eliminate the need to walk forward to a device dragging both rigging rope and a firing cable, Phoenix Flex is a new idea that combines the performance of a high specification low stretch rigging rope with a twisted pair firing cable.
The unique line can be used with any classic rigging equipment or disruptor and electronic initiator.
In uses its operation is identical to normal rigging rope but offers ultra low stretch characteristics, and the rope ends can be stripped to reveal the integrated firing cable for connection to a disruptor or other explosive charges. It is very easy for the rope to be re-used if the end is damaged – with the use of a ‘fid’ the line end loop can be easily remade and extra branch lines added.
The Phoenix Flex reduces the weight burden by nearly 50%.
Can be used effectively under water.

COMBINED rope with integral firing cable
Inner Insulated twisted twin cable core
Outer 12 strand fibre cover
Ends Not terminated
Line length 125m (137 yards)
Diameter 4.5mm
Breaking strength 1.7 tonnes (3813lbs) before continuity is lost
It is recommended that the cable be tested before re-use.