Blast Blanket

Of interest to those seeking to protect crowds in public places, the blast blanket does not need programming and is easy to use. The REBUS RF shielded Blast Blanket also has blast protection to level V50: Fragmentation velocity 500m/sec (1,640ft/sec).


Our REBUS blast blanket works in
exactly the same way as the tent
type enclosures, except that it also
contains several layers of Kevlar®
to provide the functionality of a high
specification bomb blanket and the
functionality of a REBUS jamming
system, all in one easy to deploy
blast blanket.
The REBUS blanket provides a very high
standard of ballistic protection at V50
Fragmentation velocity of 500m/sec.
We have ballistic test data available on
The blanket is supplied with a
fragmentation collar that is also RF
The Kirintec REBUS blanket has been
used with good effect on the windshield
of a suspect car to isolate it, although
the factors of the receiver sensitivity and
transmitter power and distance must be
taken into account in a scenario like this.