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The Avon Protection Rescuer RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) System offers a remote air supply for RIT Teams to support down SCBA users or non-fire department personnel in need of emergency supply of breathing air. The Rescuer provides many options to connect to any type of SCBA including industry standard fittings. The pigtail quick-connects to the industry-standard RIC fitting supplied on SCBAs for easy use. The Rescuer can also be utilized as a victim rescue system in the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) configuration.

Rescuer System Options
Offers the Rescuer System to rescue trapped, missing or lost fire fighters. You have a choice between three rescues systems: the RIC, RIT, or combination system.

  • Designed to hold any SCBA mask or cylinder
  • Quick-Draw RIC/UAC hose pocket
  • Heat-ShieldTM skid plate covers bottom to protect bag
  • Heat Shield TM skid plate also offers low friction drag capabilities
  • Flashlight holder on top provides high visibility
  • 60” shoulder strap can be re-positioned for versatility
  • Tool pockets provide fast access to hand tools


  • Combines the benefits of both RIT and RIC
  • Variety of options provides versatility during rescue operations
  • Can be used with low or high pressure cylinders
  • Both systems are carried in a durable rescue bag

These systems can be used with either low or high pressure cylinders in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations. All systems are carried in a durable rescue bag.


  • Supplies low pressure (100 psi) air to a downed firefighter
  • Configurable with 5 star manifold and a variety of fitting options
  • 8′ airline/pigtail reinforced hose with manifold
  • Utilizes a time proven pressure reducer
  • Service alarm indicates at 25% of cylinder pressure
  • High flow design capable of providing over 500 lpm
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurization


  • Transfers air to the downed firefighters cylinder
  • 3,6, or 10 ft. hose options w/ RIC fitting
  • Air transfer takes less than 3 minutes to equalize
  • Internal valve eliminates potential for over-pressurization
  • RIC fittings connecting to NFPA compliant SCBAs