Rebus Electronic Counter Measure

A Kirintec REBUS system consists of a battery powered RF inhibitor which contains a microprocessor controlled signal generator, this is then connected via a RF cable to one of the different
enclosures: pop-up tent, inflatable tent, blast blanket or bin that cover the device, depending on the scenario requirement.

This simple to use electronic countermeasure has no impact on communications, making REBUS ideal for First Responders to use in public places.
Some of the benefits include:

  • Mitigating the risk of a remote controlled explosion
  • B ridging the gap between a first response and imminent arrival of an EOD team
  • Mobile phone networks remain fully operational
  • V HF / UHF communications between response teams function normally
  • D oes not impact on EOD operations

How REBUS works:
A Kirintec REBUS system consists of a battery powered RF inhibitor which contains a microprocessor controlled signal generator, this is then connected via a RF cable to one of the different enclosures: pop-up tent, inflatable tent, blast blanket or bin that cover the device, depending on the scenario requirement.
All enclosure varients contain a lining of copper coated polymer, which provides a ‘faraday cage’ effect when placed over the device. This provides some level of screening of the device receiver.
Screening alone is not enough to block hostile signals, so each enclosure also contains a specialist antenna which allows the RF inhibitor to transmit a low power jamming signal inside the enclosure.
The combination of screening and low power jamming is highly effective against high power threats at unrealistically close trigger distances and has been tested by many Governments around the world with impressive results.

Globally acclaimed REBUS
REBUS is now in widespread deployment in many locations, there is no other system in the world that is designed to bridge the gap between discovering the suspected RCIED and the arrival of an EOD team with EC M. REBUS has been granted patents around the world as a result.

REBUS is easy and effective to deploy
The security professional simply has to to cover the suspect package with the appropriate REBUS enclosure, then connect the RF Inhibitor box to the enclosure with the RF cable supplied.
When REBUS is switched on it will run through its own built-in test procedure.
All the user has to do is to press the green ‘on’ switch which will initiate a one minute evacuation period to allow the person to walk away to a safe area.
REBUS will then slowly increase RF power output over the next minute, in order to avoid the induction of a sudden pulse of RF in to any potentially unstable receivers or servo based systems. The outside of the RF inhibitor will display the status of the unit (operational, standby, battery issues, etc) with ultra-bright LED indicators so that these can be observed from a distance with binoculars.

Chose REBUS for events
Unlike conventional EC M jammers REBUS does not transmit lots of uncontained spurious RF energy, so it can be used in complex urban environments without impacting on friendly local signals such as mobile
phone networks, emergency service radio systems and Wi-Fi. For this reason it is often used on public transport, at major events and in Government buildings.