Kinesis RF Initiator & Blasting Machine

The Kinesis RF Initiator is a modular and highly flexible remote initiator. The modular nature of the initiator allows for future upgrades and per-mission optimization for the demanding user.


Size : 170 x 64 x 34mm
Weight : 375g (excluding batteries)
Environmental : IP67
Power supply: 1 x 9V battery (PP3)
Frequency: VHF or UHF as standard
Receiver Sensitivity : -110dBm
Control range : Up to 2km LOS using standard PMR
Operating Temperature : -20° C to +55°C


  • Uses standard commercial batteries to reduce time to deployment and maintenance costs
  • Controlled either manually or by using a lightweight handheld radio transceiver
  • Highly configurable radio talkback features to verify to the user that actions have been executed as commanded
  • Remote interrogation for status, battery life, and other mission critical