Jemmer Mercury

A permanent inhibition system for convoy and VIP protection against RF controlled explosive devices Jams mobile phones, satellite phones, VHF & UHF PMRs, 3G and Wi-Fi Pre-set with commercial C-RCIED electronic counter-measures (ECM) profiles Fully programmable to counter specific threats

Modular system architecture: Offers a vast range of permutations so that each system can be tailored to suit the local operating requirements specific to each user.
25MHz to 6GHz Frequency range: Simultaneous coverage 25MHz to 2.7GHz.
Optional modules may be added at any time to increase this to 6GHz.
Core technology is a digital microprocessor-controlled fully programmable signal generation source that is customer configurable to target all known threats including VHF/UHF, all public communications systems (e.g. GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G and satellite based networks) and all other areas of vulnerability (exact details available on request). The modular design means that extra
frequency bands can be introduced retrospectively to counter new threats.
Optimised power management: Custom designed high-efficiency GAN based amplifiers reduce the heat generated and minimise the impact on portable battery life or the host vehicle electrical power supply system. All power management is under intelligent software control.
Self-testing: Built in test (BIT) control function highlights issues to users on a real time basis while each amplifier subsystem incorporates VSWR monitoring to detect any antenna faults and alert/shut down systems based on user pre-programmed parameters.
Security: Extensive anti-tamper features and a ‘zeroize’ function is incorporated to allow rapid removal of any sensitive ‘software fill’
Ruggedized: A cased system is designed to meet military standards for rough handling and is fully environmentally protected.
Communications-through-inhibition: Every Mercury system is factory made ready to integrate with Kirintec’s ‘Xchange’ system. This means that every Mercury system can be used with a customer’s existing PMR VHF/UHF radios or alternatively, integrated communications are available as a built-in option.

‘Xchange’ is Kirintec’s patented communications -through-inhibition technology that allows a user to jam a frequency while communicating on that exact same frequency without opening up a vulnerability to an attack.
This is the first time a jammer has been made available that truly integrates both the radio system and the jammer and allows their simultaneous use enabling full true communications through the jamming signal.
In addition to standard communications the communication model can be supplied with in-built encryption to allow secure communications while jamming. The communications module can be switched in and out of ‘encrypted’ mode and so can be used to communicate with any digital VHF/UHF PMR radio, or another radio using the same encryption algorithm (These can be supplied by Kirintec with the Mercury system or purchased independently).